About Us

The little one was founded in 2019 by Janette McInerney. I created The Little One after I struggled to find zipped Babygro’s for my super wriggly son Conor.

Between myself and my husband Shane it’s a 2-man operation to get our 12 months old changed while trying to fasten 20 buttons. I am sure you will agree it’s not a simple button job either. A rubix cube comes to mind.

With that I went on the hunt for an easier alternative and was surprised to find it wasn’t an easy find. I vowed to make the life of all future parents that little bit easier.

Having set up my first business, J&F Chair Covers in 2015 after identifying a gap in the market I decided to give this new idea a go and hope my products will be enjoyed by others once again.

Thank you all for reading and enjoy.

Janette xx